Letters to the Marian Helpers

Father Jan, because this is how the director of the Apostolate of Divine Mercy is called each time (because of the founder of the Apostolate, Rev. Jan Przybysz, MIC), who is Rev. Dr Lukasz Mazurek, MIC, writes letters to all members of the Apostolate several times throughout the year.

You can read the content of the latest letter here. If you want to belong to the Apostolate of Divine Mercy through the Association of Marian Helpers, write or call us. We are waiting for YOU with joy!

Letter for June 2022

Dear Marian Helpers! Apostles of Divine Mercy!


In a society where technology and information technology are developing faster and faster, in which we are caught up in thousands of often contradictory aspirations, a man may lose the center – the center of himself. By showing us his heart, Jesus reminds us first of all that it is there, within a person, that everyone’s fate is decided, the choice between death and life in the final dimension. He himself gives life in abundance, which allows our hearts, sometimes closed in indifference and selfishness, to open up to a higher form of life” (St. John Paul II).


June is a month especially dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. A heart that is wide open to us also in the image of Merciful Jesus, which is so close to us, and from it flows the source of the graces we need. The heart of Jesus is wide open to each and every one of us, the question that still requires our personal answer is whether our human hearts are really open to God’s Love, or are we trying to be satisfied with its substitutes that the world offers? The events of the last days, and especially the war in Ukraine, clearly show that where there is no true Love, man, whatever name he has, whatever education he has, eventually gets lost and cannot live normally anymore, he contradicts himself. It is no accident that, especially today, the message of Divine Mercy must be zealously proclaimed so that those who suffer do not doubt that God loves them and experiences pain with them, and those who hurt them, let them convert as soon as possible and start a new life!


The cult of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is the spirituality of the Catholic Church, which has its origins in the teachings and revelations of various saints (including Bernard of Clairvaux, Gertrude of Helfta, Francis de Sales, John Eudes, Maria Margaret Alacoque). In him we worship the crucified love of God who is “rich in mercy”, in other words, he takes the misery of humanity into his heart.


The word “heart” appears almost 400 times in the Scriptures. First of all, God “took Israel into his heart” (Dt 7: 7). The people of Israel should “love the LORD your God and serve him with all their heart” (Dt 11:13). Already the early Church linked the wound of Jesus’ heart, inflicted by the fatal blow of a spear, with the prophecy of Jesus himself: “If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink, believing in me. As the Scriptures say: Rivers of life-giving water will flow from within him” (Jn 7: 37-38). During the liturgy of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, we hear the following words: “From his pierced side flowed blood and water, and this is where the sacraments of the Church began.” The heart of the Savior is open to every human being, without exception, so that everyone can joyfully draw from the sources of salvation and never doubt that he is loved and loved forever!


Therefore, I am asking you, Dear Marian Helpers, to proclaim to all the people you meet, especially the abandoned and suffering, that they are not alone and that the merciful Heart of Jesus is wide open to them! In the month of June, we will pray for them and for all your personal intentions, looking at the Heart of Jesus, so please send all your intentions on the attached form, so that we can pray with you and for you in the great family of the Apostles of Divine Mercy! Thanking you for your presence and the mission of proclaiming the Divine Mercy, I invite you to this special prayer to the Heart of Jesus in June.


Concluding with the words of the prayers of St. Faustina, I assure you of our gratitude and encourage you to cry out with her to the Merciful Saviour:


O my Jesus, You are the life of my life. You know only too well that I long for nothing but the glory of Your Name and that souls come to know Your goodness. Why do souls avoid You, Jesus? — I don’t understand that. Oh, if I could only cut my heart into tiny pieces and in this way offer to You, O Jesus, each piece as a heart whole and entire, to make up in part for the hearts that do not love You! I love You, Jesus, with every drop of my blood, and I would gladly shed my blood for You to give You a proof of the sincerity of my love. O God, the more I know You the less I can comprehend You, but this “non-comprehension” lets me realize how great You are! And it is this impossibility of comprehending You which enflames my heart anew for You, O Lord (Diary, 57)”.


Jesus, I trust in YOU!

Yours Fr. Lukasz Mazurek, MIC

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