Our mission

“Mankind will not have peace until it turns with trust to My Mercy”

Diary, 300

Our Good God shows us His infinite mercy, therefore we, having experienced His Love, are called to proclaim this mercy to others!

Today, our hurting world needs to hear the Good News of God’s Merciful love as never before. Therefore, we need courageous apostles of His Mercy to proclaim this message to the world.

Our Apostolate of Divine Mercy, as the Association of Marian Helpers, undertakes many activities and the main goal is to show the contemporary world the true and merciful Face of God who longs for an intimate relationship with every human being, especially those who have lost themselves in sin.

Our Association’s objectives are:

  • promoting the various works of faith, charity, prayer, penance and love towards our neighbour through all possible means
  • supporting spiritually and materially the apostolic and missionary works of the Marian Fathers
  • supporting both spiritually and financially the education and training of candidates for the priesthood and religious life in the Marian Fathers Congregation
  • undertaking various apostolic endeavours
  • offering spiritual formation to its members through its periodical magazine and other publications, as well as through other forms of pastoral work which lead to Christian maturity and foster and nurture mutual bonds and within the apostolic works of the Marian Fathers around the world!

Join the great family of the Apostles of Divine Mercy!

Write info@divinemercy.org.uk

Call us +44 (0)20 8998 0925

“Jesus said to sister Faustina: “Souls who spread the honor of My mercy I shield through their entire lives as a tender mother her infant, and at the hour of death I will not be a Judge for them, but the Merciful Savior.”

Diary, 1075

Contact / location

Contact info

1 Courtfield Garden
London W13 0EY / United Kingdom
+44 (0)20 8998 0925

Reg. Charity No. 1075608

Daily Devotions

 We invites YOU from Monday to Friday to our Chapel!


1:30 pm – chapel open for Private Prayer

2:00 pm – possibility of holy Confession

2:30 pm – Holy Mass

3:00 pm – Hour of Mercy

3:30 pm – Evening prayer of the Church

4:00 pm – Chapel closed

Remember to maintain the current safety rules.

Events / calendar

First Fridays


Celebration of the Great Hour of Mercy:

2:00 pm Worship and Enthronement of Merciful Jesus

2:15 pm Holy Mass (during the Holy Mass it is possible to confess)

3:00 pm Hour of Mercy (Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament)

3:30 pm Final Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament and ...

... tea/coffee meeting in Windsor Hall (bring & share)

 Church of Our Lady Mother of the Church

2 Windsor Road
Ealing, London W5 5PD

2 minute walk from Ealing Broadway station

First Saturdays

First Saturday of each Month:

A Day of Prayer With Mary to the Divine Mercy:

1:30 pm Opening Hymn & Holy Rosary

2:15 pm Holy Mass

3:00 pm Hour of Mercy (Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament)

4:00 pm Final Benediction & Worship

 Divine Mercy Apostolate
Marian Fathers
1 Courtfield Gardens
West Ealing, London W13 0EY
tel. 02089980925

Close to West Ealing and Ealing Broadway stations